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Naughty and Nice Gift Set

Naughty and Nice Gift Set
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This gift set includes a little bit of everything: White, Red and Rose with delicious Sizzle Sauce and tasty chocolate!

For anyone Naughty or Nice, we have included:

  • Bottle of Two Wrongs Make A White: our creative blend all about matchmaking wines that don’t fit the status quo
  • Bottle of Rose: Crisp, refreshing, dry, and pretty pink in the bottle
  • Bottle of Barn Red: approachable and food-friendly red
  • Sizzle Sauce: a multi-layered taste experience that is balanced and versatile. Can be used as a grilling sauce, marinade and condiment
  • Holiday Belgian Bites from Christy's Gourmet
  • A Roost Corkscrew

Price includes shipping, and you can add extra bottles for no extra shipping charge if you wish. 

Include a Gift Message and we'll write it out onto a Roost postcard for you. 

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