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Patio Season Set

Patio Season Set
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Any great patio time includes a bottle of wine. We have put together our top six picks for any patio session. 

  • 2019 L'Acadie- a sophisticated dry wine that enchants with every sip.
  • 2019 Pinot Gris- refreshing with a surprisingly lengthy finish.
  • 2019 Frontenac- fresh in spirit, with notes of warm butterscotch and green apple
  • 2019 Two Wrongs Make A White- this creative blend is all about matchmaking wines that don’t fit the status quo
  • 2020 Orange Wine- like an interesting dinner guest, this delightfully complex wine is impertinent and charming at the same time
  • 2020 Rosé- a Roost staple since we opened and has a devoted fan base

Price includes shipping, and you can add extra bottles for no extra shipping charge if you wish. 

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