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Chocolate and Wine Workshop July 29

Chocolate and Wine Workshop July 29
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A Chocolate and Wine Workshop, hosted by Master Chocolatier Bernhard Mueller from Christy's Gourmet, and Jessica Maish, winemaker at The Roost. 

The workshop will begin with tasting an assortment of chocolate from around the world. You will learn to detect flavour notes and unique properties of each quality chocolate.

Jessica Maish, the winemaker at The Roost will be on hand to discuss wine and chocolate pairing. You will enjoy a flight of four wines (3oz of each wine) while exploring how chocolate and wine can be a great partnership. We'll dispell myths (does red wine really go well with dark chocolate?) and find out why rosé and white chocolate are a winning combo. 

Let Bernhard share with you the remarkable journey of a cacao bean to chocolate bar. You will learn how the cacao fruit is transformed into the chocolate we know and love. Participants will use the melanger machine to customize small batch artisanal chocolate. Taste the difference of fresh chocolate, made with only two ingredients.

Bernhard will teach you the art of hand tempering chocolate using traditional tabling methods. He will explain the concept of blooming and how to make chocolate shine and snap.

Get ready to put an apron on and get your hands covered in chocolate! Our workshops will have you dunking and dipping, creating delicious treats to take home. 

Start Time: 1pm     Run Time: Appox 2 hours

What to bring: An apron, and your taste buds

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