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In the Vineyard

Here at The Roost, we are surrounded by the beauty of nature. We never take it for granted. Our goal is to grow cold-hardy grapes that make delicious wine while employing sustainable farming practices: for our family, our community and the future. Our belief is the land is healthier and our wines taste better using an organic approach whenever possible.

In the vineyard, we focus on growing our grapevines using natural, time tested techniques. We weed our vines mechanically and use low-till soil management. We don’t routinely use herbicides or insecticides, avoid conventional fungicides where we can, and choose organic options whenever possible.  It’s a hands-on, labour-intensive process, but we feel it’s worth it.

In the Cellar

We see ourselves as wine facilitators rather than winemakers, which is why we’re low-interventionist in the cellar. We hand prune, hand pick, and hand sort our grapes so only the best fruit is used in our wine. From then on, we let the yeast do its job while we monitor the process and help it along if needed. We don’t manipulate flavours, leaving the grapes to speak for themselves.

Although many wine additives are permitted by law in Canada, we use as few as possible. We do a two-step filtration process just before we bottle, and our wine is as minimally processed as we can make it. We keep our wine as close to the grape as possible, and we believe you can taste the difference.

Questions about our winemaking process? Drop by the tasting room in our 19th century barn or contact us by phone or email.


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