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Here at The Roost we get a lot of great questions from our guests. Some come up more than others so we thought we’d provide answers to our most popular queries here.


Do I need a reservation?

If you are a party of less than eight people then you do not need a reservation. If you are eight or more, then yes, you do need a reservation. During less busy times we try to accommodate groups without reservations, however on the weekends we may not be able to accommodate groups of eight or more without a prior booking.


Can you recommend a taxi or shuttle service?

Ace Transportation Group- 705-446-5824

The Beer Bus - 705-994-4346

Driver's Seat Collingwood - 249-501-5200


Do you accept buses and bus tours?

Due to the small size of our tasting room and out of concern for other guests, we do not accept buses and bus tours without prior arrangement.


Can we bring our own food?

Unfortunately not unless you are renting The Roost for a catered private event. We do serve complimentary breadsticks at the bar and offer our Roost Plate of cheese and charcuterie. If you have a sweet tooth, we also have an artisanal chocolate plate for dessert!


Do you serve non-alcoholic drinks?

Yes indeed. We have a variety of soft-drinks available. Please ask your host what we currently have available.


Can you accomodate vegan and vegetarian diets?

We certainly can! Just let your host know if you would like a vegetarian or vegan Roost Plate.


Are all of your wines suitable for a vegan diet?

This varies from year to year, so please ask your host which wines are suitable.


Can you accomodate food allergies?

We will certainly try our best. However, we can not guarantee that our food has not come in contact with nuts, gluten or other allergens. We do offer gluten free crackers for those wishing to avoid gluten. Please be sure to discuss your individual needs with your host.


Do you host weddings?

Unfortunately at this point we do not host weddings.


Do you allow children?

Absolutely! Kids are welcome at The Roost.


Do you offer private tours?

Yes, we offer private tours. Please visit the ‘Groups’ section of the website for more information.


Are your wines available in restaurants and the LCBO?

Yes! You'll find us on menus in Orangeville, Guelph, and Toronto. You can also find our wines in local LCBO stores and sometimes we have limited releases in the Vintages section of LCBO stores acrosss Ontario. Contact us for more details at


Do you donate to charity?

The Roost donates to a variety of charities throughout the year. Due to the number of requests we receive, unfortunately we can not donate to everyone. Our policy is to donate to small local charities that directly assist our community. If you would like to request a charitable donation please email:


Can I bring my dog?

You can bring your dog but we ask that all dogs remain on a leash at all times and that owners kindly clean up after their pets.


Can I use the winery and/or vineyard as a photography location?

If you'd like to take photos using a photographer for special events, we require advance booking to avoid disruption to other customers. A location fee of $150 will be charged. Please email

What's the history of the barn?

The spectacular old barn that’s home to The Roost tasting room and winery dates back to the late 1800s. Originally it was located in Vaughan, Ontario and slated for demolition to make room for a housing development.  Our winemaker’s mother recognized it was worth saving and contacted some very talented craftsmen in the Menonnite community. They were able to take down, move, and reassemble the barn at its present location here in Town of the Blue Mountains. And yes, the barn is heated!


How can you grow grapes up here?

We primarily grow cold-climate grapes suited to our northern climate. Varieties like Marquette, Frontenac and L’Acadie can withstand our harsh winters without any extra care and make unique and delicious wines that truly represent our sense of place. Our only European variety requires a little help in the winter so we cover these vines with geo-textiles that protect them from any temperatures below -25C.


Are you certified organic?

No, we are not certified organic, but we choose organic techniques in the vineyard and cellar whenever possible. If there are times when we have to use conventional methods to save a crop, vine, or wine then we will. Thankfully, this isn’t very often!


Are all of your wines made from grapes grown on your property?

The majority are, but some are not. We believe in supporting local growers, so we supplement our estate grape yield with fruit from local Georgian Bay area farmers. We also use some Niagara varieties that we can’t grow up here in the north because we like working with certain grapes like Pinot Noir, Riesling and Gewurtzraminer. It’s also the case that many of our local cold-climate grapes are not eligible for VQA status and so are taxed at a much higher rate. This means we have to supplement with Niagara varieties if we want to be sustainable.


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